Coffee & Chicory Mixing Machine | Full Feature list & Specifications

QuickBlend XS

Owing to our expertise in the coffee industry, we have offered our clients with a reliable coffee blender design for everyday use to efficiently automate the manual mixing of Coffee & Chicory. The Mixing or Blending Machines come with a ribbon blender which ensures an effective amalgamation of coffee powder, chicory powder and other ingredients, if any. Our blending machines are recognized for their high performance and superior build quality. 


Though the standard model QuickBlend XS comes with a mixing vessel supporting batch sizes from 200g to 2kg, we manufacture machines with a customized hopper/mixing vessel to suit your business requirement.

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Our Electric Coffee Powder and Chicory Mixers can be regarded as the Best Automatic Chicory Blending or Mixing Machines that are manufactured in India, yet you may need some professional assistance to help you decide with your requirement. During your research, you may bump into resources available online, that may confuse you. You may not be sure of the differences between a Vertical & Horizontal or Drum Mixers; or you may not be sure which model would fit the current capacity of your shop inline with your future growth plans. Whatever the reason might be, feel free to reach out to our expert team at +91-9380315156 or mail us your queries to 

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