Commercial Coffee Grinder Machine | Full Feature list & Specifications

QuickGrind Coffee Grinders

Our QuickGrind Range of Coffee Grinders are the best in class machines that provide a quick and uniform grinding, be it for a coffee shop or an industry. Our machines are valued for their reliability and simplicity of use.


  • Provide an outstanding uniform grind quality at all degrees of fineness.
  • Lock 100% of the natural aroma by grinding with zero heat production.
  • Are wear-resistant & maintenance free.
  • Equipped with surface cooling & high starting torque.
  • Suitable for continuous high-speed operation.
  • With an adjustable stepless dial.
  • With sizes ranging from a French Press to an Espresso i.e. 100 microns.
  • With an easy operating technology.
  • With a compact yet sturdy design.
  • That meets International design standards in terms of quality.
  • The Grinding Discs come with an assured 5 year warranty.
  • The Motor comes with an assured 1 year manufacturer warranty.


The QuickGrind range currently offers 3 models:

A compact table-top single phase machine with an output of 25-30kg per hour, suitable for small grinding shops.

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A mid-sized single phase machine with an output of around 100-120kg per hour, suitable for small and medium sized industries.

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A powerful three phase machine with an output of more than 500kg per hour, suitable for large scale industries.

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