The meteoric rise of the coffee culture in India, as it has been since the past couple of decades has been surprising. The younger generation often chooses to go for coffee over tea. Entrepreneurs thus have made the best of the opportunity presented before them.
We nowadays, come across authentic blends of coffee made available from all across the world for the Indian consumer. It’s a change in perception for the Indian consumer, for whom, coffee is synonymous with the filter coffee from south India. We are slowly developing a taste for new blends of coffee. Thereby, we are finding ourselves on the same platform as the international coffee consumer.

Coffee culture in India is gaining momentum

When we see the bigger picture, India has been a tea-drinking country. But the Indian coffee culture was waiting to expand exponentially, and the facts and figures prove the same.
As per IBEF, while the world’s fifth largest Coffee exporter, India is also the sixth largest producer. Similarly, Arabica coffee from India is popular in all places in the world and is among the most preferred coffee blends.

Surprisingly, India exports 70% of the coffee produced. Indian Coffee Blends are recognized to be of the finest quality, just as the Indian Tea.

One of the prime reasons why coffee has not been as popular as tea in India is the monotonicity that was associated with it. The filter coffee that we used to make at homes in India once used to taste the same, each time over. But the rise of new blends has captured the fascination of the coffee lovers in India. This has turned into the major driving force behind the fast-paced growth of the coffee industry in India.

India perceives coffee uniquely!

Coffee once used to be perceived as a drink that delivered instant energy and perked up the spirits when one was fatigued. But nowadays, coffee is the drink to socialize over, especially for youngsters and Millennials. Coffee drinking patterns in India have slight differences from the ones that prevail in the Western Countries.

At times, people visit cafes and socialize over coffee. Coffee is sometimes an important reason why the young generationers socialize, interact, and share ideas. The new coffee culture in India has made forays to cinema and literature. New fiction novels present cafés as the destination where great conversations initiate, friendships are made, young folks hang around and discuss their lives and preferences.

In the same coin, the upcoming coffee chains command a high presence at all times around the year. They are nearly full at all times of the day and all times of the year. Thus making them a preferred meeting point for friends, and sometimes business associates. People go to cafes to share a laugh, tell a story, enjoy company, share happiness, and a great cup of coffee. For the youth of India, coffee has become a way of life.

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